Since 1970, IABC is the only global association for business communicators.


The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) enables a global network of communicators working in diverse industries and disciplines to identify, share, and apply the world’s best communication practices. IABC is recognized as the professional association of choice for communicators who aspire to excel in their chosen fields.

A legacy takes shape:

In 1970, the American Association of Industrial Editors and the International Council of Industrial Editors merged to form IABC, joined later by the Corporate Communicators of Canada, ultimately propelling communication to be at the heart of every organization. Visionary leaders created a platform from which every communication professional would have the opportunity to understand what it means to be a strategic communicator. 

IABC went on to publish seminal research on excellence in communication, the value of diversity, the importance of gender equality and the need for CEOs to be truly connected to their employees, at a time when these ideas were yet to be well understood in the workplace, let alone implemented as a course of business. 

Professional communicators at the heart of every organization.

To advance the profession, create connection, and develop strategic communicators.

IABC pledges to:

  • Represent the global profession.

  • Foster a diverse community.

  • Focus on insights and results.

  • Honor our Code of Ethics.

We will achieve this by being open, contemporary, and professional.

Value proposition: 
IABC is the only global association connecting me with the people and insights I need to drive business results.

IABC’s Internationally-Recognized Programming


IABC serves professionals in the field of business communication, bringing together the profession’s collective disciplines. We deliver on the Global Standard in communication through our educational offerings, certification, awards program, resource library, online magazine, and annual World Conference. We support our community of business communication professionals with innovative thinking, shared best practices, in-depth learning, and career guidance.

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The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), a team of communication professionals assembled by IABC’s international executive board, has developed two certifications: the Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification and the Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certification.

Professional certifications give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and provide evidence of your outstanding abilities.

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The IABC Academy provides online professional development for business communicators to help advance their careers and generate real business results for their organizations.

Our online workshops offer in-depth learning to build critical skills and knowledge. Through live, on-demand, and self-paced workshops by leading experts in their fields, IABC Academy participants get exceptional instruction that supports long-term problem-solving and enhances career growth, now and into the future.

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The IABC World Conference is a long-standing, global professional development event designed for communication practitioners. The only major conference of its type, the event draws over 1,000 attendees from around the world. Speakers are selected through a peer-reviewed process, with evaluations conducted by top experts in the field. Selections are based on alignment to the IABC Global Standard, and the degree to which the sessions will inform, engage, and deliver on the conference theme.

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For more than 40 years, IABC’s Gold Quill Awards have recognized and awarded excellence in strategic communication worldwide. Gold Quill is the only awards program that honors the dedication, innovation and passion of communicators on a global scale. Since 2008, more than 4,451 projects have been entered in the Gold Quill Awards.

The golden feather symbolizing a quill writing pen is a universal icon recognized throughout the industry.

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The Leadership Institute (LI) is an opportunity for IABC chapter, regional and international leaders to come together to share best practices and learn how to create programs and services that keep members active and involved. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow leaders, build strong relationships, and learn new skills useful in your IABC position and beyond. LI is held in February of each year.

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